Performance Indicators

Instantly see data and analytics for state, district, and classroom assessments, and track student behaviors in and out of the classroom.  Mileposts provides data to teachers where they need it most– at the point of instruction, where it can be used to guide personalized learning on a daily basis.  We save valuable time for teachers by ingesting state and district assessment data at the district level and automatically correlating that data to individual student and classroom views.  Individual student assessment data plus full behavioral incident management fit smartly into Student eFiles, where they can be used to directly inform student learning plans and interventions.

Mileposts Key Performance Indicators Report

Class and filtered group views allow you to isolate and sort on specific measures within assessments, then select students to launch individual or group interventions right from the data displays.  Shift from state assessment results to district assessment results to custom growth reports with a single click.

Silverback Mileposts Group Data Views Sort by Skill Areas

Benchmarking tools help you sort and display student performance and progress according to your district’s performance standards, for individuals or aggregate groups.  Our exclusive spectrum graph visually pinpoints a student’s performance compared to the real, not approximated, distribution of his or her peers.

Silverback Mileposts Student Benchmarks

Our behavior module allows full behavioral incident monitoring and management, tabulated and displayed filtered by student, class, incident type, time of day, and other custom variables.  Whether behavior incidents are created in Mileposts or imported from your SIS, they can be displayed in summary reports or in individual student e-files, where they can be used to build discipline / behavior plans for individual students.

Silverback Mileposts Behavior Incident Reporting

Choose from a broad range of selectable filters for static and dynamic data aggregations that can be displayed on screen and exported with one click to a variety of formats: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and/or Comma Separated Values (.CSV)

Silverback Mileposts export to Word Excel PDF CSV


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