June 20 @ 8:45am

This presentation will focus on how data based decision making has helped create a school culture of high expectations. We expect success in all academic and behavioral areas. The principal has established the expectation that data will drive our instructional needs. Our teachers are able to pinpoint student’s needs, thus creating a differentiated learning environment. Students are now more aware of learning goals and strengths and areas of improvement for their own personal learning. By using data to clarify academic goals for both teachers and students our parents now have better understanding of the learning targets. Our goal each and every day is “Do what’s best for ALL kids. When this became our daily goal, it helped prioritize how we make decisions for our students. We have added daily grade level collaboration, differentiated reading and math times to meet individual student needs, uninterrupted core reading and math times and we meet weekly to problem solve how to best meet the academic and behavioral needs of our students.

Presenters: Corey Davidson, Instructional Facilitator, Douglas Primary School, CCSD #1
Tanya Seeds, Principal and Title I Coordinator, Douglas Primary School, CCSD #1
Room: 420A
Audience: Administrators

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