Mileposts Student Achievement Solution


Say Hello to the new Mileposts

The Mileposts Student Achievement Solution enables schools to create personalized learning plansmanage interventionsmonitor achievement and gain insights to improve instruction to any class, group, or individual student.

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Mileposts is empowering

The fear of the unknown can be huge if you don’t know how students are performing. Now we know exactly where we are. Mileposts is empowering.

Sarah Hanchey - Curriculum Director
Moscow, Idaho School District




Client Services


Complete and comprehensive training for Mileposts is provided by our expert Client Services staff. Training includes traditional on-site professional development as well as virtual training through interactive webinars and our growing professional development library.





Technical Services

The implementation of Mileposts has negligible impact on the technology staff in most districts. Our core product includes the following services:

  • Customization of the Mileposts program to include the interventions and programs used in your schools
  • Loading up to two years of state assessment results from structured files most schools and districts already have
  • Assistance in working with your state to receive assessment result files you need
  • Customization of the Mileposts program to include your local assessments
  • Loading up to two years of your local assessment results
  • Designing and implementing synchronization processes to automatically load student and teacher data from your student information system (SIS) including student demographics, class rosters, and student program participation.

Data Services

We also offer a range of data services to assist districts improve all aspects of their learning environment. These include:

  • School climate, program evaluation, parent feedback surveys
  • Administrator and teacher 360° performance evaluations
  • Administrator training to combine student performance with achievement and business data to more effectively lead their schools or departments

Assessment Services

We offer workshops and processes to assist districts and schools in developing their local student assessments. These include assistance in areas such as:

  • Gated assessments
  • Year end and course end exams
  • Connecting curriculum and assessment