Silverback Learning and West Allis-West Milwaukee Schools Ink Partnership For Next Generation Learning

Districts in 18 States Now Implement Student Achievement Solution Mileposts With Gooru’s Open Resources For Personalized Learning In Flipped, Blended, & 1:1 Model

BOISE, Idaho, April 2, 2014 – Silverback Learning Solutions (www.silverbacklearning.com), an educator-founded technology company and developer of Mileposts, a results-driven student achievement solution installed in schools K-12 nationwide, today announces that Mileposts will be implemented in all West Allis-West Milwaukee School District public schools, led by superintendent Kurt Wachholz, who is committed to developing a personalized learning environment within the district that engages today’s digital learners.

“We are instructing a generation of students who were born using technology, and the use of technology therefore must be a central educational component to maximize student engagement and interest, assess their achievement progress and personalize their education to reach their fullest potential,” said Kurt Wachholz, Superintendent, WAWM. “After a thorough evaluation, Silverback Learning’s Mileposts technology will provide our community with a modern way to understand individual student achievement, and collaborate around tailoring curriculum and learning resources to support, modify and improve their achievement throughout the year.  We are very excited about beginning our collaboration with Silverback Learning and integrated learning resource partner Gooru, to measure the achievement impact in our district.”

District Implementation Details:

  • West Allis will leverage existing state and district assessment infrastructure
 to implement solution.
  • Teachers can use Mileposts to create personalized learning plansmanage interventionsmonitor achievement, and gain insights to improve instruction to any student.
  • Student led learning will be empowered through Next Generation personalized learning plans, inspired by the work WAWM schools has already embarked on with their NxGLC planning grant to help educators unpack state and national learning standards into measurable teaching and learning objectives, and help students recognize more control in their learning path.
  • The solution is the first to integrate Gooru’s (www.goorulearning.org) over 18 million resources, featuring millions of  Open Educational Resources (OER) so teachers can go immediately from identifying student learning needs into the best content to meet those needs via Gooru’s open and collaborative online community, where the best free materials for learning can be found, created, remixed and shared throughout teachers anywhere in the world.

“We are very impressed with superintendent Wachholz’s vision and commitment to developing West Allis-West Milwaukee’s Next Generation Learning Classrooms (NxGLC) throughout the district and provide proven, state-of-the-art technology to personalize education and learning resources for every student,” said Dr. Jim Lewis, CEO of Silverback Learning Solutions.  “We are excited to announce this partnership marks the 18th state using Mileposts because it simply means more kids will benefit from personalized instruction and teachers using data to create learning plans that work.  West Allis’ teachers are very motivated to access Gooru’s resources, which is fully integrated into Mileposts to efficiently engage their students in new, more vibrant ways to communicate, collaborate and share new learning experiences.”

About Silverback Learning Solutions

Silverback Learning Solutions is a company founded by educators to help fellow educators accelerate achievement in all students. Our award-winning student achievement solution, Mileposts, tightly knits individualized learning plans and interventions with curriculum and assessment, leveraging your existing investments in those areas so your schools can quickly become powerhouses of personalized learning. Mileposts is the first SaS to provide 18 million resources, featuring millions of Open Education Resources (OER) via the Gooru search engine for learning.  With Mileposts, teachers can quickly create assignments and interventions, monitor achievement, and gain insights to improve instruction to any group, subgroup, or individual student. We provide all of this in one cloud-based, value-conscious platform, quick and easy for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to access from any device.  

About West Allis-West Milwaukee School District

The West Allis-West Milwaukee School District believes a personalized learning environment prepares students to be career and college ready through engagement in a rigorous curriculum that is inquiry based and paced to individual learning, interests and learning styles of students. The implementation of personalized learning or Next Generation Learning Classrooms (NxGL) in
West Allis-West Milwaukee began during the 2010-2011 school year with 34 teachers at the elementary level transforming their classrooms to NxGL Learning Communities. Since that time, the District has been increasing the number of Next Generation Learning Classrooms across the District to meet the increasing demand of students and families requesting this 21st century learning environment.


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Posted: April 2nd, 2014