Data is the Roadmap for Educators

Silverback Learning Solutions Releases White Paper On Big Data & Transforming The Classroom

Student Achievement Solutions & Data Trends Examined In Bold Content On Personalized Learning For Educators

Bold-New-World-Thumbnail-R4BOISE, Idaho, December 19, 2013 – Silverback Learning Solutions (www.silverbacklearning.com), an educator-founded technology company and developer of Mileposts, a results-driven student achievement solution installed in schools K-12 nationwide, today releases its newest white paper, which highlights Big Data and offers insights on how educators make decisions not only for their school, district or institution – but every student.  The educator content also examines the benefits of data firsthand, and the critical importance in guiding a multitude of fact-driven insights to inform critical decisions in pursuit of sustainable personalized learning improvements for every student.


“Educational re-vitalization in America over the next 5 years will have a dramatic +/- competitive impact on the next 20 years of our global economy,” said Dr. Jim Lewis, CEO of Silverback Learning Solutions. The goal of this white paper is to help provide some best practice clarity on the tremendous importance data has in modernizing education, as well as stressing the time is now to act in order to make the rapid and strident changes to improve education in America.”


The paper offers 8 specific components:

  • Understanding our history in education so we aren’t doomed to repeat it.
  • What is “Student Big Data”, and why is it so important.
  • Education’s “Perfect Storm” in America finds similarities in more mature data and web application verticals.
  • Transforming data into insight, making informed programmatic and technology decisions.
  • How good solutions can come from a simple idea.
  • It isn’t just about technology but understanding the challenges of the dramatically changing landscape in schools and at home.
  • Understanding the one solution that changes everything.
  • Teacher tools and resources are already available and in their hands. They just need to use them to discover how helpful they can be.

“Silverback Learning Solutions understands and is helping demonstrate successful integration of data-driven technology into the classroom as a vital instructional resource,” said Prasad Ram, CEO, Gooru. Organizing student data into relevant, actionable information that teachers can immediately pair with personalized learning resources drives sustainable student achievement success.”


Data Is The Roadmap For Educators: Route Guidance in the Bold New World of Personalized Learning is available for free download here.


For more information on Silverback Mileposts, please watch What Teachers Want.

About Silverback Learning Solutions

Silverback Learning Solutions is a company founded by educators to help fellow educators accelerate achievement in all students. Our award-winning student achievement solution, Mileposts, tightly knits individualized learning plans and interventions with curriculum and assessment, leveraging your existing investments in those areas so your schools can quickly become powerhouses of personalized learning. Mileposts is the first StAS to provide over 14 million free digital resources and assessment items indexed to state standards via the Gooru search engine for learning.  With Mileposts, teachers can quickly create assignments and interventions, monitor achievement, and gain insights to improve instruction to any group, subgroup, or individual student. We provide all of this in one cloud-based, value-conscious platform, quick and easy for teachers, administrators, students, and parents to access from any device.  Please visit us at our new website www.silverbacklearning.com.

Media contact:

Cherie Le Penske, LP Group — (206) 852-8427 or cherie@lpgink.com.



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Posted: December 19th, 2013