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edifyAssess is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise platform that can manage all aspects of an organization’s assessment program – from assessment item creation through assessment administration to sophisticated data analytics of student responses. Its scalability and security features make it the ideal solution for day-to-day formative classroom assessments as well as for large-scale district-wide testing. edifyAssess provides a simple and intuitive user interface that teachers and students have come to love. Every day thousands of teachers and students use edifyAssess to manage, deliver and take assessments utilizing multiple device types.


edifyAssess uses the Amazon CloudFront service to host its online item, assessment, audio, and video content which means no hardware is necessary nor does it require support from the district. This provides an easy ability to globally serve assessment content to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users in an extremely scalable manner.  The architecture is based on the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server.


The edifyAssess team provides implementation services and training;  ensuring the application is accessible, functional, and ready to use throughout the district. 



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