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Mileposts data aggregation and intervention platforms enable all stakeholders to systematically foster engagement and collaboration for every learner. Through intervention planning, digital resources, and longitudinal reporting; Mileposts will simplify and accelerate your schools’ ability to turn data into action.

Established, customizable templates allow districts or schools to develop tailored plans documenting academic needs, interventions, supplemental needs, and learner type. 

Stimulate student growth and drive better decisions on student learning and placements with an aggregation of student insights and behavioral interventions. Specific RTI and MTSS templates, plans, and goals are available to support the data gathering and progress monitoring needs teachers have within each tier.

Start day one and increase success for student achievement planning with longitudinal data views that offer three years of historical student data and continues to build over time.

Empower parents and invite them to be part of their child’s educational journey by providing them with access to view learning plans, assessment scores, and the latest interventions. Reach students by sending assignments and learning plans through the portal.  Districts control the Mileposts functions and data shared with parents and students.

  • K-12 Plans & Interventions

  • ELL/ELA Programs

  • MS/HS Differentiated Lessons

  • Multi-tiered System of Supports

  • Project-Based Learning Plans

  • In-Depth Analytics & Insights

  • Behavior Support

  • “Whole Child” Eco-System

A powerful solution enabling districts to effectively engage in, and deliver on, key initiatives.



Boise State University conducted a study on the effectiveness of Mileposts and EdifyAssess combined to investigate whether a whole district's use of the software was an effective way to improve student achievement and college readiness.

With the increase in longitudinal student data available to educators, the field of information and communication technology has grown exponentially.


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