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After a distinguished career spanning 40 years in education as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and completing the final chapter as the superintendent of the Blaine County Idaho School District, Dr. Jim Lewis was finally ready to retire in 2009. He had fully invested his entire career toward improving education and helping kids learn. He was looking forward to spending more time with his wife Joyce, an educator herself, their family, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that surrounded him in Idaho and beyond. But as Jim’s retirement began, something powerful was stirring deep within his core that he couldn’t ignore. He deeply understood that the traditional education system wasn’t working for every child and needed to be modernized in America in order to give our children the finest education possible, and prepare them to compete successfully in a rapidly expanding and ever-changing global workplace. During this time, the Blaine County School District was working to build the first versions of the Mileposts program, with which, Jim was already very familiar. Jim wanted to leave education better than he found it 40 years ago, and realized the greatest gift of retirement was that it afforded him the time to leverage his vast educational experience and leadership to bring educators together and re-imagine how teaching and the traditional classroom could be infused with helpful technology, along with the most successful instructional strategies. In this way, the most experienced “Silverbacks” in education could quickly re-distribute what they had learned in the profession to the teaching “troops”. And with the ardent support and collaboration with the Blaine County School District, Jim agreed to provide his full-time leadership going forward for Mileposts, and a new company was born.



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