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New Partner:  Digital Learning Collaborative

March 2021

New Partner:  Schlechty Center

March 2021

New Blog: What the Most Recent COVID funding means for K12

March 2021

New Blog: Hope Lost and Found by Calvin Mackey

February 2021

Black History:  Silverback is excited to spotlight several incredibly talented individuals this month.  We are honored to share what Black History means to them!

February 2021

Silverback Spotlight:  Meet Silverback's NEW VP of Customer Success

February 2021

Silverback Spotlight:  Meet Silverback's NEW CEO

December 2020

Silverback selected as one of K12s 2020 most promising edtech solutions!

December 2020

New Release! Silverback Learning Solutions receives endorsement on new SEL component for Teacher Vitae

October 2020

The Next Big Acronym? SEL

October 2020

Edify Assess – Approved by the Ohio Department of Education: High-Quality Student Data

August 2020



PRODUCT UPDATE: Teacher Vitae- February 2021

Personal Vitae - When teachers move from district to district, it is important that they are able to take their professional development, portfolio and certificates with them. Personal Vitae gives you the freedom to keep these important documents all in one place and lets you take control of your teaching career and professional development. Multi-Year forms - Districts are moving to multiple year evaluations. Keeping track of the evaluation progress of 2 years or more can be daunting. Now, with Teacher Vitae, you can simply select the number of years to be scheduled over multiple years time span. Performance Improvements - Your work is continually being autosaved!

New Release:  Teacher Vitae - November 2020

Teacher Vitae now includes a framework with SEL components. More to come!



PRODUCT UPDATE: edifyAssess- March 2021

Adjust speed of audio reads - Teachers and test takers in K-3 now have the ability to slow down the audio reads.
Eliminate answers in multiple choice - We have added the capability to eliminate answers on multiple choice questions for test takers.
Improved usability for K-3 - Scrolling is difficult for K-3 students. We eliminated scrolling on a large number of questions.
Improved usability for Teachers in scoring and creating tests - Scoring was a three click operation for all questions. We have shortened that process to one click.


PRODUCT UPDATE: Mileposts- March 2021

Within Mileposts, you now have the ability to:

  • Print in bulk
  • Make a selection of a specific plan, select the students and print
  • Customize dashboards: add and/or remove sections
  • Assign the same attachment to Student Groups
Plus many other fixes




Find out what the most recent Covid funding means for K12

DECEMBER 2020 $54 billion were added to the (ESSER- Cares Act) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. This second round of funds are called ESSERII funds (CRRSA Act). The funds are available through September 30,2022 and can be RETROACTIVELY applied all the way back to March 13th 2020. Once the states (SEA) receive the funds, they must be awarded within one year. These funds need to be tracked separately and there are accountability measures with the funds including how the state is using the dollars to measure and address learning loss, including the amount of students affected by COVID and school closures. Did You Know? Funds can be used to address learning loss. Testing can be covered with these funds. JANUARY 2021 $4 billion were added to the (GEER) Governor's Emergency Education Relief Funds. These funds are to ensure continuous learning for students in all schools. $2.65 Billion of these dollars are earmarked for non public schools. The non public schools dollars are titled EANS funds (Emergency Assistance for Non Public Schools). EANS funds have to be applied for by the Governor. Did You Know? EANS funds can be used for: Professional Development Edtech Instructional Planning Supporting Remote and Hybrid Learning Remediating Learning Loss What is your State Doing? Use this tracker to find out how much your state has been awarded as well as how much has been spent and where. Check out this fact sheet to understand the differences between the ESSER Fund (CARES Act) and ESSER II Fund (CRRSA Act).

The Latest on Assessment, Accountability and School Identification

What is important to know: ACCOUNTABILITY & SCHOOL IDENTIFICATION States can now apply for a new waiver request for the 2020-2021 school year in relation to the accountability and school identification requirements in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). A state receiving this waiver would not be required to implement and report the results of its accountability system, including calculating progress toward long-term goals and measurements of interim progress or indicators, or to annually meaningfully differentiate among its public schools using data from the 2020-2021 school year. This flexibility would explicitly include waiving the requirement that the Academic Achievement indicator be adjusted to account for a participation rate below 95 percent. The state would also not be required to identify schools for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI), targeted support and improvement (TSI), and additional targeted support and improvement (ATSI) based on data from the 2020-2021 school year. Each state receiving the accountability and school identification waivers would be required to continue to support previously identified schools in the 2021-2022 school year, resume school identification in the fall of 2022, and ensure transparency to parents and the public. ASSESSMENT The intent of both sets of flexibilities is to focus on assessments providing information to parents, educators, and the public about student performance and to help target resources and supports. For that reason, blanket waivers of assessments are not being implemented. A state should use the Assessment flexibility to consider: Administering a shortened version of its statewide assessments Offering remote administration, where feasible; and/or extending the testing window to the greatest extent practicable. That could include offering multiple testing windows and/or extending the testing window into the summer or even the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. States that elect to extend testing windows should also consider how they can make results available to the public in a timely manner after assessments are administered. The American Rescue Plan, proposed by President Biden, calls for $130 billion in funding to help schools safely reopen and meet the unique needs students and educators are facing during the pandemic, including supporting the academic, social, and emotional needs of students.
Please reach out for any additional questions you have and Ill write back with the answers!

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