What the Most Recent COVID Funding Means for K12

I was really happy to see billions of dollars allocated for K12 education budgets during December of 2020 and January of 2021. Here is the breakdown with some great resources if you follow this kind of thing!


$54 billion were added to the (ESSER- Cares Act) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. This second round of funds are called ESSERII funds (CRRSA Act). The funds are available through September 30,2022 and can be RETROACTIVELY applied all the way back to March 13th 2020. Once the states (SEA) receive the funds, they must be awarded within one year.

These funds need to be tracked separately and there are accountability measures with the funds including how the state is using the dollars to measure and address learning loss, including the amount of students affected by COVID and school closures.

Did You Know?

Funds can be used to address learning loss.

Testing can be covered with these funds.


$4 billion were added to the (GEER) Governor's Emergency Education Relief Funds.

These funds are to ensure continuous learning for students in all schools.

$2.65 Billion of these dollars are earmarked for non public schools. The non public schools dollars are titled EANS funds (Emergency Assistance for Non Public Schools). EANS funds have to be applied for by the Governor.